mias dinner menu update

Antipasto Caldi (Hot)

White Bean and Sausage Saute– White beans, sausage, roasted garlic, and herbs. ($12)

Roasted Clams– Delicate baby clams roasted over open flame. ($13)

Artichoke Francese– With lemon, butter, and white wine sauce. ($12)

Antipasti Caldo– Mia’s house assortment of hot appetizers. ($17)

Mozzarella en Carrozza– Fried and breaded mozzarella skews with side of marinara. ($10)

Calamari Fritti– Fried calamari with marinara sauce. ($13)

Tortellini Pesto– Cheese filled tortellini in homemade pesto. ($10)

Zucchini Fritti– Crispy fried ribbons of zucchini with a side of roasted garlic marinara. ($8)

Speidini alla Romano– Fried mozzarella, prosciutto, and bread skews draped with a delicious anchovy caper sauce. ($13)

Vongole Ripiene– Baked stuffed clams, oregonato or casino. ($10)

Zuppa Di Clams– Red or white sauce. ($13)

Zuppe (Soup)

Pasta Fagioli– Traditional pasta and bean soup.

Stracciatelli– Chicken eggdrop with spinach.

Soup of the Day– Speak with your waiter.


Antipasti Freddi (Cold)

Duo Formaggio– Homemade mozzarella and imported provolone drizzled with our house special balsamic marinade. ($14)

Gamberoni Mia– Extra jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce. ($12)

Antipasti Freddi– Mias assortment of imported cheeses, meats, specialties, finished with a special touch. ($15)


Insalati (Salad)

Frutti Di Mare– Seafood salad marinated with virgin olive oil. ($14)

Insalata alla Caesare– Caesar salad. ($8)

Mozzarella Insalata– Mozzarella tossed with olives, Genoa salami, red onion, roasted pepper, basil, and tomato. Served in extra virgin olive oil and Modenese vinegar. ($14)

Insalata Mia– Spring greens, vinaigrette. ($6)


Pasta e Maccheroni

Tortellini Venezia– Cheese filled rings of pasta, tossed in a creamy pink sauce with peas, wild mushroom, roasted garlic, and loose sausage. Finished with cream sherry wine. ($19)

Penne Pesto– Pencil point pasta, draped in our homemade basil and pignoli nut sauce, topped with shaved pecorino. ($17)

Cavatelli and Broccoli Rabe– Sauteed in virgin olive oil with sun dried tomato and garlic. ($17) with sausage ($19)

Fettuccine al Filetto di Pomodoro– Sweet fillet of tomato, Spanish onion, and prosciutto sauce over a nest off Fettuccine al dente. ($17)

Spaghetti ala Putanesca– Traditional spicy saute of capers and anchovy, calamata olives, garlic and fresh herbs in virgin olive oil tossed with spaghetti al dente. (Red with tomato or white without) ($17)

Gnocchi Bolognese Handmade ricotta gnocchi, draped in a traditional red wine meat sauce. ($19)

Fettuccine Alfredo– Egg fettuccine in a rich creamy sauce with Parmesan cheese. ($17)

Lobster Ravioli– Draped in a rich brandy cream sauce. ($20)

 Linguini con Vongole– Littleneck clams in a red or white sauce. ($19)

Fettuccine Primavera– Al Dente egg fettuccine draped with a bouquet of fresh vegetables in a red, white, or cream sauce. ($18)

Farfalle Alla Vodka– Bowtie pasta tossed in a delicate Vodka sauce with a touch of tomato and a light cream finish. ($17)

Pasta al Forno (Baked pasta specialties)

Penne Siciliano– Sicilian style penne, baked with homade mozzarella, eggplant, and rocotta cheese in a light tomato sauce finished with a crispy parmesan crust. ($17)

Rollitini di Melanzane con Spaghetti– Stuffed eggplant rollatini filled with three cheeses and baked with mozzarella and tomato sauce. Served with spaghetti al dente. ($19)

Lasagna Bolognese– Our family recipe of pasta layered with three cheeses, meat and tomato sauce. Baked to perfection. ($19)

Baked Ravioli– Topped with our homemade tomato and basil ragu and homemade mozzarella. ($16)

Cucina Moderna (Modern Cuisine)

Steak Pizzaiola– Choice ribeye draped with caper, olive, garlic, mushroom, tomato, and wine sauce. ($32)

Vitello e Gamberi Calabrese– Veal and shrimp with white wine, capers, prosciutto, and garlic. ($32)

Vitello Siciliano– Veal breaded and fried, layered with eggplant, sliced tomato, basil and mozzarella. ($25)

Aragosta Ravioli e Gamberi– Lobster ravioli in a creamy red pepper sauce with grilled shrimp. ($26)

Vitello Napolitano– Pan fried veal cutlet, served over white bean and baby spinach saute. ($25)

Pollo Veneziano– Chicken layered with herb crusted tomato and mozzarella in herb wine sauce. Served with penne. ($24)

Gamberi e Cime di Rape Bianca– Shrimp and broccoli rabe, in white wine sauce over spaghetti. ($25)

Vitello e Gamberi Champagne– Veal and shrimp in champagne sauce with roasted garlic. Served with capellini. ($29)

Pollo e Vitello Amaretto– Chicken and veal in amaretto sauce. Served with roasted sweet potatoes. ($27)

Pork Chops Molese– Boneless chops, breaded and pan fried. Served over broccoli rabe and potatoes. ($27)

Abbachio al Forno– Lamb chops, herb roasted and served over mushroom risotto with pan juices. ($32)

Mare e Terra (Surf and Turf)– Grilled grilled mignon and lobster tail served with potatoes. ($39)

Bistecca e’ Gamberi Saltimbocca alla Romana– Black angus ribeye layered with prosciutto, mozzarella, extra jumbo shrimp, and portobello mushroom. Drenched with a savory brown wine sauce and served over baby spinich. Served with garlic whipped potatoes. ($37)

Mussels en Tomato Pesto– New Zealand mussels in tomato pesto with farfalle. ($23)

Vitello al Fresco– White veal scallopine, breaded and pan fried. Served over field greens and topped with chunks of homemade mozzarella, roasted peppers and red onions. Finished with modenese vinegar. ($23)

Pesce alla Roma– Lobster, scallops, and shrimp in a brandy sauce with cream finish served over fettuccine. ($38)

Pollo e Gamberi Caprese– Chicken and shrimp with spinach, portobello, roasted red pepper and mozzarella in a balsamic reduction. ($25)

Cucina Traditionali (Traditional Cuisine)

Veal Rollatini Romano– Ricotta, prosciutto, herb stuffed veal, over penne in a red wine sauce. ($25)

Pollo Carbonara– Chicken in a rich cream sauce with bacon onions. Served over fettuccine. ($24)

Pollo, VItello, or Gamberi Parma– Chicken, veal, or shrimp with mozzarella and red sauce. ($18,$19,$21)

Pollo or Vitello Marsala– Chicken or veal in Marsala wine with mushrooms. ($19,$20)

Pollo, Vitello, or Gamberi Francese– Chicken, veal, or shrimp in a lemon butter wine sauce. ($18,$20,$23)

Pollo or Gamberi Oreganato– Chicken or shrimp baked with bread crumbs, garlic, and parsley. ($18,$22)

Pollo or Vitello Saltimbocca– Chicken or veal, layered with prosciutto, spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella. Served in a sage wine sauce. Comes with whipped potatoes. ($23,$26)

Pollo or Vitello Scarpariello– Chicken or veal with capers, sausage, potatoes, garlic, and rosemary wine sauce. ($21,$24)

Pollo or Vitello Sorrentino– Chicken or veal, eggplant, prosciutto, tomato, and mozzarella in a wine demi. Served with whipped potatoes. ($23,$26)

Pollo or Vitello Pizzaiola– Chicken or veal, tomato, olives, capers, mushrooms, garlic, in a wine sauce. ($19,$21)

Pollo, Gamberi, or Lobster Vodka– Chicken, shrimp, or lobster in a spicy vodka sauce with prosciutto and peas. Served over farfalle. ($23,$27,$32)

Pollo or Vitello Piccata– Thin medallions prepared with caper lemon and white wine sauce. ($18,$20)

Zuppa Di Pesce– Lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, scallops, and pesce marinara over linguini. ($34)

Calamari Marinara or Fra Diavolo– Served over linguine. ($23)

Shrimp Scampi– Served over rice or pasta. ($23)

Pesce alla Marechiara– Tilapia and clams in a light broth with garlic basil. Over capellini. ($24)

Grilled Salmon– Served over baby spinach and drizzled with basil oil and a balsamic reduction. ($22)

Tilapia Francese– Tilapia, battered and sauteed in lemon, butter and white wine. Served over rice. ($23)